Swiss Apéro Culture

Food from the heart of Switzerland

Apéro is the Swiss way of life at its purest: Swiss gourmets like to treat themselves and their guests in style – with an exclusive Apéro. This includes high quality, air-dried meat specialities. Accompanied by a glass of wine and good conversation – you can enjoy wonderful relaxation and quickly forget the everyday world with an Apéro.

Swiss Apéro Culture

The Swiss celebrate their Apéro on many occasions. It is particularly popular when guests come to visit. If you invite friends or relatives to a meal, you really want to spoil them. To begin, the Swiss regularly serve an Apéro here. Small delicacies lessen the feeling of hunger and start the evening in style.

The Apéro is easy to prepare in advance – ideal when you are expecting visitors. As such, the Apéro plate can be prepared in a flash. This means more time for the guests.

Air-dried Swiss meat specialities such as Bündnerfleisch (air-dried Grisons beef), Walliser Trockenfleisch (Valais air-dried beef), Appenzeller Mostbröckli (air-dried beef), Bündner or Walliser Rohschinken (cured, air-dried ham), Schweizer Rohwurst (air-dried sausage) such as the Bündner Salsiz. Spicy cheese such as Sbrinz, grapes and nuts.

Sbrinz, a Swiss extra hard cheese matured over 24 months, is perfectly in tune with SWISS APÉRO. When broken into chunks ("Möckli"), the Sbrinz, with its aromatic and spicy bouquet, offers a truly Swiss experience.

Place the slices of Swiss meat specialities on a slate or serving plate together with the other ingredients and voilà – the Apéro is ready. White and red wine go well with it and support the refined flavour of the specialities.

Tip for connoisseurs
At room temperature, the meat specialities release their full flavour and the unmistakeable taste. Ideally you should take the meat out of the fridge half an hour before serving.