Swiss Apéro Culture

Food from the heart of Switzerland

Apéro is the Swiss way of life at its purest: Swiss gourmets like to treat themselves and their guests in style – with an exclusive Apéro. This includes high quality, air-dried meat specialities. Accompanied by a glass of wine and good conversation – you can enjoy wonderful relaxation and quickly forget the everyday world with an Apéro.

Apéro Specialities

Centuries-old recipes, traditional craftsmanship and maturing times of up to six months – in Switzerland, the fine, air-dried meat specialities are manufactured with a great deal of love and patience.


air-dried Grisons beef

The best-known of all Swiss meat specialities is made from exquisite beef. It is extremely low in fat (5%) and is full of protein, iron, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Recognised by a protected geographical indication (PGI).

Bündner Rohschinken

Walliser Rohschinken
Valais cured, air-dried ham

Salt, pure mountain air and patience are the ingredients for the high-quality dry-cured ham from pork. The months of maturing and skilful craftsmanship guarantee its unique flavour. Recognised by a protected geographical indication (PGI).

Appenzeller Mostbröckli

Appenzeller Mostbröckli
air-dried beef

The lean beef from the haunch is salted and cold-smoked for several hours, then air-dried. Calorie-counters value the low fat content of approx. 2.3%.

Walliser Trockenfleisch

Walliser Trockenfleisch
Valais air-dried beef

This deep red Swiss speciality made from quality beef has been around since the 14th century. Air-dried for up to four months, has a low fat content of 5%. Recognised by a protected geographical indication (PGI).

Walliser Rohessspeck

Walliser Trockenspeck
Valais air-dried bacon

The pork first rests in a mix of salt, herbs and spices before it is dried in the pure Alpine air. This creates a particularly spicy and tender bacon with an aromatic scent. Recognised by a protected geographical indication (PGI).


air-dried sausage

A pork and beef cured sausage, which is dried for several weeks in the clear Alpine air according to well-guarded family recipes. After pressing, the Salsiz gets its typical square shape.

Tradition & Manufacturing

Tradition and passion. Proven over time.

Air-dried meat specialities have a long tradition in Switzerland. Centuries-old, well-guarded recipes, love of the craft and lots of time – that is the secret. Today gourmets around the world treasure the high-quality specialities.


SWISS APÉRO rooftop bar: The place to go in Dusseldorf

Foodies and fans of Swiss culinary specialities were in for a treat this November 2017: the SWISS APÉRO rooftop bar opened for almost three weeks in Dusseldorf, winning over inhabitants from the Rhineland region with a special Swiss custom: the apero.

Food Blog Award 2015

SWISS APÉRO was a sponsoring partner of the Food Blog Award 2015, which took place during Berlin Food Week from 1-4 October. The award recognised the best food bloggers of the year. Awards were presented by an expert jury in several categories. Bloggers and media personalities experienced a typical Swiss custom: the apero. The Swiss apero combines traditional air-dried meat delicacies with the authentic Swiss way of life.

Lifestyle magazine EMOTION series of events

SWISS APÉRO was a sponsor of the famous series of events by the german lifestyle magazine EMOTION. At these events, top-class speakers in Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have impressed with exciting topics about professional and personal development. The participants had the opportunity to spend the evening stylishly in extraordinary locations at an Apéro – the typical Swiss ritual of indulgence. The Apéro combines traditional, air-dried meat specialities and the Swiss way of life at its purest.


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